After fleeing a Russian Gulag, you find yourself alone in the Siberian wilderness, find some kindling, and produce a fire. However, in the dead of winter, a meager fire lasts mere minutes against the unforgiving, frigid wilderness of Siberia. Your objective is to maintain the fire at all costs, and hope help arrives soon. Unfortunately, you have set up camp in a territory where your enemies will stop at nothing to extinguish your fire, and your life.

If left unattended, the fire will rapidly dwindle until it runs out, resulting in a game over. You must constantly satisfy the fire with kindling or gasoline, with kindling keeping it lit for a bit, and gasoline keeping it lit for a longer period of time.

Created in 72 hours for LD46 using Godot, Aseprite, Sfxr + FL Studio 20.

NOTE: If you can, use the Windows version. It'll be faster, and faster is funner!


  • W/A/S/D - move
  • E - pick item / interact
  • Q - drop item
  • Enter - Attack


  • Gus Goucher - programming, audio/music
  • Josh Byrd - art, design
  • Nicholas Miller - design, art
  • Amanuel Seifu - art, prototyping, design
  • Graham Mack - cHOnky animations


Windows Build (.zip) 74 MB
Source Code (Godot) 168 MB
OST (.zip) 53 MB

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